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We are now running a monthly Book Club featuring reviews of some of the best ocean inspired books. At the start of every month we will be releasing a review of a new book and encouraging everybody who follows and reads the blog to check it out. If you have already read the book or decide to buy it then let us know what you think of it by commenting on the review or tweeting about it and tagging us @Marine_Madness and using #BookClub. We would love to hear what you have to say about them!

October 2020

‘Coral Whisperers’ by Irus Braverman

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Past book reviews

September 2020‘Eye of the Shoal’ by Helen Scales

August 2020‘One Breath’ by Adam Skolnick

July 2020‘Vast Expanses by Helen M. Rozwadowski

June 2020‘Sex in the Sea by Marah J. Hardt

May 2020‘The Deep’ by Alex Rogers

April 2020 – The Seabird’s Cry’ by Adam Nicolson

March 2020‘Tide’ by Hugh Aldersey-Williams

February 2020 ‘Other Minds’ by Peter Godfrey-Smith

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