Harry Baker

Since a young age I have been fascinated with science, wildlife and exploration. I was lucky enough to learn how to SCUBA dive at an early age and was amazed at the expansive and vibrant world I found hiding beneath the waves. It inspired me to study Marine Biology which I did at the University of Exeter (Penryn campus) graduating in the summer of 2018. During my time at university I not only learned about the weird and wonderful marine creatures that occupy our oceans, but also about the threats that face them on a daily basis. My lecturers included researchers who were providing the data that contributes to conservation efforts to protect key species and habitats and I was amazed by how many human caused issues were plaguing our oceans. I want to help highlight some of these issues as well as well inspire people to care about and help protect marine life.

Now also a guest contributor to Sevenseas Media, Ocean OculusSea Life News. If you  like my work then follow me on twitter @harryjpbaker