This is our new page dedicated to showcasing some amazing ocean artwork from passionate fans and professional artists alike! Art is an important and creative way of expressing our love for the oceans and the weird & wonderful creatures that inhabit them. If you have some ocean art you would like to share with the world then we want to help you do that. To find out more click here and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see the latest pieces to make the page. Enjoy!

‘Fish Nautilus Abstract’ & ‘Sea Life Wave’

Fish nautilus abstract

Whaleshark abstract
By Kim & Kay at Deep Impressions Underwtaer Art (@deep_impressions_underwaterart)

‘Green Turtle’

Green Turtle
By Cay-Leigh Bartnicke (@cayleighb_)


‘Deep Ocean Blues’ / ‘A Tumult of Waves’ / ‘Splash’

Deep Ocean BluesA Tumult Of Waves

By Mia Baila (@miabaila)


‘Seaglass Turtle’

Seaglass turtle
By Harry Baker (@harryjpbaker)


‘Cuttlefish’ & ‘Scorpionfish’


By Debby Mason (@Debby_Mason)


‘Other Minds (Cover Variation)’

Other Minds
By Rebecca Thomas (@_rebecca_maria_)


‘The Sun, the Moon and the Stars (fish)’

Sun, Moon & Stars (fish)
By Stacey Posnett (@staceyposnett)

‘A view of Pacific Grove’ & ‘Cannon Beach’

A view of Pacific Grove

Cannon Beach
By Amy Barker

To find out more about how art can influence marine conservation then check out this interview we did with the amazing Debby Mason (featured above) from earlier in the year.