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Hello fellow ocean enthusiasts!

First of all I would just like to thank you for being here and enjoying what Marine Madness has to offer. When I started the site it was very much just a safe place to practise my writing and share a few stories with anybody that might want to read them. But over the last 18 months it has gone from strength to strength and is becoming very popular with people from around the world. I am very proud to say we now have thousands of monthly readers and the numbers just keep growing. We have also recently been treated to some fantastic guest submissions from those wanting to share their ocean stories too. I am blown away by the following and community we are growing here and the interest in what I am doing, especially because I love doing it.

Given the recent success the site has been having, I have been inspired to try and turn Marine Madness into a full-time enterprise and a leading online publication in the fields of marine biology and ocean conservation. I fully believe that I can continue to grow the site and improve on the quality and quantity of the content I can produce on it. This year I have already incorporated lots of new ideas into the site including video playlists, ocean artwork and our popular monthly book club reviews, and I have many more great ideas and potential collaborations I am excited about implementing.

However, as much as I love what I am doing and have been more than happy to do it for free so far, I cannot continue to put this amount of effort and time into it without some form of financial backing. I have sacrificed a lot to get the site up and running and despite not making any money from it, I have very much treated it like a full-time job. Whilst I consider the site as more of a collaborative endeavour between me, guest writers and the followers, it is still very much a one man operation at the moment. This is not me complaining, I have loved every second of it and don’t regret the time I have put into it, but if I am to take the site to the next level I cannot do it without some support.

That is why I have decided to set up a patreon account so followers of the blog can support me if they so wish. The reason I have chosen to go down this route is two-fold. Firstly it allows people to support creators and endeavours that they already enjoy and want to see continue. This means that as a community we can make something together and share in its success. Secondly it is a way of gaining financial support without having to rely on advertisements, paywalls and sponsorships. This means that the experience of the reader remains unchanged and I can continue to create content independently, to a high quality and without any bias.

A link to my patreon account can be found here. There will be rewards for patrons including special posts and Q&A’s, a monthly Marine Madness newsletter and even a dedicated page on the site to recognise top patrons. Donations start from as little as £1 a month which goes towards helping me and the site. If everyone who regularly visits the site contributes then we will be able to keep it going and improving for the foreseeable future. So if you like what I am writing on here and can afford to donate then please do!

Thank you for your time and your continued support,

Harry Baker

(Creator & Editor of Marine Madness)

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