Stunning 24-man submarine ready to take tourists beneath the waves

Submarine manufacturers Triton have revealed their brand new submarine ‘DeepView 24’ capable of providing up to two dozen tourists with an unbeatable underwater experience like no other. It could potentially be a game changer in the sub-sea tourism industry.

DeepView24 Exterior
The ‘DeepView 24’ submersible by Triton at its recent public launch (Photo by Triton Submarines)

Last week submarine company Triton released their new commercial submersible ‘DeepView 24’ designed to give holiday makers a once in a lifetime underwater experience. With enough seats for 24 passengers and a panoramic view of the ocean to up to 100 metres deep, this new model will provide a professional grade submersible experience to the general public for the first real time. Commissioned by Vinpearl Resorts in Vietnam, the first dives will take place in Decemeber 2020 (COVID 19 dependant) for guests at their resort on Hon Tre Island off the coast of Nha Trang. It is likely to be just the beginning of a new ‘fully-immersive guest experience’ that will help connect people with the marine environment across the globe.

Sub specs

The actual submarine is approximately 15.4 metres in length and weighs in at around 55,000 kilograms. The 24 passengers it carries can enjoy panoramic views of the marine world through the 14cm thick acrylic glass windows that surrounds a spacious cabin with comfortable seats and ample room to move around in, as well as a sound system and TV screens to provide an interactive learning experience. Meanwhile the pilot will drive the sub from the front of the cabin using a combination of joystick and touchscreen technology. Two main 20-kW electric thrusters, accompanied by four 16.2-kW vertran thrusters, propel the sub by feeding off a massive 240 kWh lead-acid battery. This allows the vessel to reach a top speed of 3 knots for up to 14 hours, which can be spent as deep as 100 metres below the surface of the ocean.

DeepView24 Interior
The state of the art viewing cabin at the heart of the DeepView 24 submarine (Photo by Triton Submarines)

Safety & sustainability

Of course the most important aspect of a submersible designed to carry tourists deep under the water is safety. Like all their submarines, Triton first rigorously tested their new submarine in the waters surrounding their manufacturing facility in Barcelona. As a result it is certified to the same level of safety as their more extreme submarines, such as the DSV Limiting Factor, that are capable of reaching the deepest parts of our oceans. The strong acrylic glass is virtually unbreakable and its ballast system means it is capable of maintaining buoyancy and returning to the surface even with a loss of power. On top of this the railed upper deck and large opening allow people with reduced mobility to also enter and enjoy the experience with ease. All in all it is as safe as possible and poses as much risk to a tourist as lying on a beach.

DeepView24 Side-on
The railed deck on the top of the sub provides easy and safe access to passengers with limited manoeuvrability (Photo by Triton Submarines)

It is an added bonus that in addition to being completely safe, the DeepView 24 is also very sustainable. Thanks to its large battery and electric thrusters the sub produces no emissions whatsoever whilst under the water. It even produces much less noise than other submersibles of its kind and apart from its LED lights, which produce some light pollution at night, it produces no major forms of pollution that can harm marine life. Of course a 50 foot tube of metal and glass filled with people is likely to cause some small short term changes to the behaviours of some animals, but its slow speed and lack of noise should not cause any major or long-lasting problems.

A game changer

This new submarine is by no means the first to take tourists beneath the waves, in fact there have been 60 different subersibles licensed for commercial tourism over the past 34 years. However the DeepView 24 takes the concept to the next level, by taking holiday makers deeper and for longer than ever before. Talking about the submarine in a press statement, Triton CEO and co-founder Bruce Jones said that “its panoramic view represents a quantum leap forward in submarine technology, providing a vastly improved, fully-immersive guest experience” and claimed that it is ‘competitively superior in all respects’ to other submarines of its kind.

artists impression
An artists impression of the type of experience passengers onboard the submarine might get

It is hard to argue with him given that the new submersible is unlike any other tourist model on the market. In the future the company also plans to introduce different size models ranging from 6 inhabitants up to 66. As they become more popular and accessible the DeepView submersible range could provide more people with a truly life changing experience that will change the way they think of the marine world forever.

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