The sea otter story

Written by Amy Barker If you have an interest in marine conservation you are likely to have heard the story of the southern sea otter (Enhydra lutris nereis), the ‘keystone’ species that restored an entire ecosystem along the California coastline. For those of you who have not encountered this story before, or whose memory is … More The sea otter story

The Great British Jellywatch Weekend!

This weekend people up and down the country will be taking part in the first ever ‘Great British Jellywatch Weekend’ in an attempt to learn more about the jellyfish surrounding our coastlines. After coming across a human-sized jellyfish whilst diving off the Cornish coast earlier this year, naturalist and broadcaster Lizzie Daly realised there is … More The Great British Jellywatch Weekend!

The ‘salmon cannon’ helping fish to migrate (yes really)

A video of a fish transport system shooting salmon through a pneumatic style tube went viral over the weekend. But the comical contraption actually serves a very important role in helping the fish migrate. Footage of wild salmon flying through the air in plastic tubing has been unleashed onto the internet this weekend, and people … More The ‘salmon cannon’ helping fish to migrate (yes really)

Sleeping with the fishes: the evolution of REM cycles

A new study has revealed that Zebrafish undergo remarkably similar sleep patterns to the REM cycles of humans and other animals. It shows us that sleep is a much bigger part of our evolutionary history than previously thought. Sleep is one of the last great mysteries in the natural world. We know what happens to us … More Sleeping with the fishes: the evolution of REM cycles